Named Among The 28 Best SEO Guides of 2013, Twice

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SEO4Advisors Founder Brien Shanahan had two articles named among the B2B Marketing blog’s 28 Best Search Engine Optimization Guides of 2013.

Webbiquity acknowledges that 2013 has been a major year for SEO, given the challenges created for marketing professionals and webmasters by Google’s recent changes to its search algorithm and the emergence of social media.

Shanahan’s recent articles address the changing SEO landscape and answer key concerns of marketers, including:

  • How to perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your website
  • How do Google Penguin algorithm updates penalize websites that don’t comply with Google’s Webmaster guidelines?
  • What are the newest long-lasting Google-friendly SEO strategies to adopt?

Two of Shanahan’s articles for were honored in the category “Post-Penguin SEO Guides.”

  1. Google Penguin 2.0 vs. Black Hat SEO” reminds marketers that “you are who you hang with” by demonstrating examples of seemingly non-spammy websites being penalized by Google for a past history of low-quality link building.
  2. Winning with White Hat SEO in the Post-Penguin Era” offers useful insights and tips to build a successful inbound SEO marketing strategy and overcome or avoid a search engine penalty.

Shanahan’s other SEO Guides include:


Webbiquity’s Best SEO Guides are a collection of clear, in-depth, and actionable articles and infographics on a wide range of specialty marketing topics by the leading names in SEO and Marketing including:

Rand Fishkin on Weighting the Clusters of Ranking Factors in Google’s Algorithm

Neil Patel on How to Think Like Google

AJ Kumar on How to Do an SEO Audit of Your Website

Glenn Gabe on 10 Insights from a Lite SEO Audit That Any Small Business Can Benefit From, Phanteguin: A Phantom & Penguin One-Two Punch From Google and Google Panda, Penguin & Phantom: 3 Recovery Examples

Jim Dougherty: Infographic: How up-to-date are your SEO practices?

David Harry: It’s Time to Change the SEO Mindset

Kristine Shachinger on The Myth of Content Marketing, the New SEO & Penguin 2.0

Jason Acidre on How to Recover from Panda Dance

Elisa Gabbert on 3 SEO Tactics We’re Easing Up On in 2013

Rebecca Churt on How to Conduct a Competitive SEO Audit to Outrank Industry Rivals

Debra Murphy on SEO Best Practices – 5 Tips to Get You Noticed

Amanda DiSilvestro and Nick LaRosa on The Latest and Greatest SEO Strategies

David Mercer: Step-by-step guide to my Google Panda penalty recovery

Krista LaRiviere on SEO Reporting & Metrics: How to Prove Progress

Brian Rauschenbach on Google Panda And SEO: Updated Tips For Online Marketers

Matt Peters on 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors

Dennis Miedema on 7 Awesome Competitive Niche SEO Strategies

Matt Burns on Penguin 2.0: PANIIIIIIIIC!!!…(or not)



The Webbiquity blog was named among the 13 best marketing industry blogs of 2012 by MarketingSherpa. It provides informative and how-to posts about all aspect of maximizing online visibility to drive business results. Content is written by managing editor Tom Pick as well as other experts in digital marketing and PR execution.

About Brien Shanahan:

Brien Shanahan is founder of and co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of the travel booking website Voyhoy. He is fluent in Spanish and has been living between Chile and New York since 2004. After founding SEO4Advisors in 2011, he within a year led the firm to be widely recognized as the premier SEO firm for financial advisors. He’s been featured numerous industry publications like the Wall Street JournalRIA Central, and Financial Advisor Magazine, and is a frequent presenter on SEO and online marketing topics for small business owners. In 2014, he was named among the top-10 Entrepreneurs in Chile by the Entrepreneurs Association of Chile (ASECH).

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